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87 F/S sign supports

875 'Lite' sign support stands  

10mm bar stands for signs include:

  • 6mm powder-coated steel plate (base)
  • 10mm diameter stainless steel bars
  • optional panel(s) with clamps for complete freestanding sign or directory

Product Code #KFF/04A
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Kits are made by us in the UK (at our premises in Hampshire) and include:

Base plate

  • 6mm thick steel plate, powder coated in silver-grey

Stainless steel support bars

  • 2x 10mm diameter stainless steel bars, 750mm, 1m or 1.5m long, domed at top, female thread at bottom
  • 2x machine screws to attach bars to base 

Optional panel

  • Panels available in acrylic, foam board or ACM.  Number of clamps supplied is appropriate to support sign panel or panels.  Clamps supplied as part of kit only where kit is supplied  are in anodised aluminium.