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854 Wall ladders with hook-on brochure dispensers 

Hook-on wall ladder brochure dispenser:

  • Aluminium uprights on wall brackets
  • leaflet holders
  • ladders

Product Code #KLW/04A
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Kit - Wall brochure display

Kits are made by us in the UK (at our premises in Hampshire) and include:

  • Aluminium uprights on wall brackets support horizontal aluminium "rungs"
    (which are fully height-adjustable)
  • A4 portrait leaflet holders (25mm deep to hold multiple leaflets) hook over rungs
  • Standard ladders have 50mm diameter posts, but are also available with slimline (38mm diameter) posts - please enquire if you are interested
  • We can also make variations at different heights, different widths, or with holders to take different standard or bespoke leaflet sizes