4 Poster holders

41 Pockets with wings

414 - Poster holders (pockets) with suction cups (CG../SC) 

Poster holders made from clear acrylic.

Made with 20mm 'wings' on either side, with holes drilled in them so that they can be used with suction cups (included) to fix to glass etc.

Product Code CGA4P/SC
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The overall width of the poster holder is 40mm wider than the poster size.

Multi-poster holders (to display posters side-by-side) also have 12mm gaps between posters.

Our pockets are fabricated from 2-3mm clear acrylic, depending on size.

Suction cups are included and are 22mm in diameter


We can also make these pockets:

in bespoke sizes

in alternative thicknesses

with different widths of 'wings'

in PETG (more robust than acrylic - has a very slight grey tint), or other materials