4 Poster holders

43 Stick-on C & U pockets

434 - C pockets with thumb hole, self-adhesive (AGC../TH) 

Poster holders holders in clear acrylic or PETG, made with a thumb-hole at the side to make changing a poster easier.

Made with a fold at the base and one at the top so that they can be attached to a panel or wall,.

Supplied with two lines of tape on each fold.

Product Code AGCA4P/TH+TAPE
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'C' profile poster holders (pockets) are fabricated from 2-3mm material, depending on size.

These are identical to our plain 'C' pockets, but with a semi-circular hole, 20mm in diameter, half way down one side to make changing posters easier.

We usually make our C pockets from clear acrylic, but can also fabricate them from 'PETG'.  PETG is a more robust material than acrylic.  It has a slight grey tint and although a tougher material, is softer and therefore more easily scratched.

We can also make 'C' shaped poster holders in:

Bespoke sizes

Alternative thicknesses