• 22 flat cut letters

2 Letters & shapes

22 flat cut letters

22 Flat-cut shapes 

221 - Flat cut acrylic shapes up to 350mm high 


Flat cut shapes in acrylic  (up to 500mm tall)

Available plain or with plastic locators glued on.

Templates can also be supplied.

 Please note these prices are based on two off. The price per panel may decrease per extra panel. 

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Product Code A-FCS-3-HRT-COL-200
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Acrylic type
Material thickness

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Colours always available (in addition to clear, black and white) are Pinetree's *standard colours of:

red (Perspex 433)

blue (Perspex 744)

green (Perspex 650)

yellow (Perspex 260)

*Any other standard solid colours we have in stock are available at the same price - PLEASE ENQUIRE to check availability or for a price on other colours.


Flat cut acrylic shapes are available:

in different thicknesses of acrylic

in different colours

with or without plastic locators

with or without a template

we may decide to CNC or laser cut the shapes, depending on thickness and size.

Laser cutting shapes automatically produces polished edges (like flame polishing). 

CNC cut shapes are unpolished.  PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need to know how your shapes will be cut, or if you need to ensure that you have polished edges to your shapes.

Star, Red acrylic